Ecodesign, on the way to ecoinnovation

Ecodesign, on the way to ecoinnovation

To reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of products, Estiluz introduces two products that comply with the rules present in the 10 points forming the eco-design.

Ecodesign is the most efficient and innovative way to reach more effective solutions to smarter production and consumption to a more responsible way. The 10 golden rules compiled and published by professor Conrad Luttrop and Jessica Lagerstedt in 2005 form the Decalogue of the aspects to consider in developing products that respect the environment and therefore linked to ecodesign.

Ecodesign is a widely proven methodology and the results of projects carried out in Europe and in Central America promise a reduction of 30 to 50% of environmental deterioration.

Button by Francesc Rifé

Button is a suspended light composed of an aluminium track and multiple LED heads. With the tactile sensor each point of light can be switched on and dimmed independently. It also has a flat surface that can be used as a shelf.

The lighting has a modular design which, thanks to a fast and easy locking system using tracks, allows for different lengths. Its energy consumption is reduced thanks to the light adjustment, and the systematization of manufacturing has resulted in significant savings in its machining and production. As it is shipped disassembled, the volume and quantity of packaging is minimal.

Folio by Pablo Figuera

Folio is a table lamp coproduced between Boo in Barcelona and Estiluz, consisting of a moulded piece of anodized aluminium and high-efficiency LEDs. The lamp is laser cut from aluminium sheets and then folded to give volume.

The result is a lamp with very simple lines and no superfluous details. The lateral folds operate as a screen and shield the light preventing glare and offering precise lighting.

These two luminaries have been included in the catalog of eco-design designed by the Generalitat de Catalunya which includes a sample of innovation in the Catalan business fabric towards circular economy. For more information: Ecodesign in Catalunya. 


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Ecodesign, on the way to ecoinnovation
To reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of products, Estiluz introduces two...
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