Estiluz News Catalogue

Design is thinking made visual. Light is the magical ingredient that makes a space. Light means Estiluz.

We introduce our new collections: elegant, sophisticated, refined, with a universal appeal; A clear reflection of a new direction for Estiluz. With these twelve collections, the company opens globally and marks a turning point in the road of international design. Among the most outstanding designers are Francesc Rifé, Goula / Figuera, Nahtrang, Crouscalogero or Jordi Blasi.

Volta by Nahtrang

Delicate arches and simple cylinders in a family of lights which can be used singly or in clusters of brilliance.

Pila by Crouscalogero

The tactile warmth of natural cork provides a contrast in texture to matt-finished spun aluminum.

Aro by Jordi Blasi

An aluminum head rotates a full 360º on its stem and defines this collection of practical and sophisticated lights.

Button by Francesc Rifé

A suspended track system with independently positionable and dimmable heads also leads a double life as a shelf.

Nit by Crouscalogero

Multi-tasking: a pivoting arm reading light with a wood shelf and integrated USB charger.

Ànima by Roger Vancells

An elegant loop offers both direct light and subtle indirect light within its distinctive profile.

Canut by Ximo Roca Diseño

Two independently adjustable reading lights mounted horizontally allows one to read without disturbing the rest of a sleeping partner.

Leo by Estudi Ribaudí

Elegant minimalism in a floor lamp which brilliantly illumines its space with an uplight and a soft downlight.

Maine by Goula / Figuera

This collection of small and large lamps with metal shades and large, diffused lights offers different solutions for lighting spaces both public and private.

Lune by Goula / Figuera

Diffused light illuminates and informs. A curved metal front plate offers optional laser-cut signage for indoor and outdoor use.

Smile by Goula / Figuera

A stroke of light that can be mounted horizontally or vertically to provide subtle yet bright illumination.

Emma by Goula / Figuera

A generous expanse of diffused light is framed in metal and comprises a family of pendants, sconces and ceiling fixtures for every interior.



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