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The world of gnomes can be glimpsed through NAN, a collection from the guimeràicinca design studio. NAN exudes magic and has a wonderful aura that makes it the ideal lamp for the most special nooks and crannies of your home. Nan has a smooth, conical design, reminiscent of the caps worn by gnomes in fairy stories. A piece that brings tenderness and sensitivity thanks to its aesthetics and welcoming light. In the words of its creators, "Conceptually speaking, Nan is a popular, well-known personality that touches everyone in the form of a funny story".

The outdoor Nan collection fits perfectly with our terraces or gardens and features a miniature floor lamp and an extra large wall-mounted fixture. The miniature floor version has a conical shade which is the perfect complement to the V-shape base with vertical metal shank.

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The designer

Guimerà i Cinca

The Guimeràicinca study was formed in 2004 by Oriol Guirnerà (Barcelona 1972) and Joan Cinca (Barcelona 1974). Oriol, a product designer and Joan, who started his career in the automobile and design world.

They started a close collaboration which has allowed them to work for companies such as Estiluz, Santa&Cole, Grupo Kettal, Sirnon Lighting, Mago Urban, Cata, Fugar, Sunred, Arlex and Rafemar.
Some of their objects have received awards and been selected by AdiFad, the Pompidou in Paris, the Barcelona Design Museum,the Automobile Technology Association, Offjetos and 300% Pure Spanish Design at the Universal exhibition of Japan.  
Now they have created their own firm, Guirneràicinca, which defines them as they are: Two mutually-complimentary designers who achieve effective results based on formal containment, but with extreme details that force the user to take a second look at their objects.

Mònec 23
08003 Barcelona


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