Restaurant Ca l'Enric, La Vall de Bianya

Ca l'Enric Restaurant, la Vall de Bianya, Girona.

Infiore en Restaurant ca l'Enric, la Vall de Bianya
Descripción técnica del proyecto: 

Since 1882, four generations have given Ca l'Enric  the patina of tradition and love for the haute cuisine. This restaurant is located in a small village called “La Vall de Bianya”, in the Girona province. Surrounded by nature, in the middle of a key region that access the Pyrenees, Ca l’Enric´s mission statement is to create stylized artist plates primarily based on the great variety of products that this country’s region offers.
A unique experience that comes along with a gorgeous venue; A luxuriously decorated nineteenth century country house that sharply contrasts the austerity and tradition of the typical farms. The Estiluz Model INFIORE was chosen for an interior design project by the Jordi Vayreda team.

This project has been published in the “Proyecto Contract” magazine. Number 94. May of 2013.

Interior Design by:
Jordi Vayreda Project Team
Photography by:
Jordi Miralles


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